fantasy golf with your friends

Golf with anyone in the world.

Play with your friends. Anywhere. Anytime.

Esports + Fantasy + IRL

This is Big Shooter

Take video-game style leaderboards and global rankings, add fantasy sports-like league play and camaraderie and mix it all in with a dash of the good old-fashioned heart-pounding adrenaline that comes from standing over a tough 6-foot putt.

Big Shooter puts the physical you at the center of your own sports story and genuinely connects you in a world that’s never felt more disconnected.

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Oh, we’ve got features

—  benefits too.
League standings
We take care of the scorecard and the leaderboards
Anywhere with anyone
Golf against players all over the world
Built-in Handicaps and course equalizers
Every course is played differently – we’ve got it covered
A league of your own
Create a league – or many – with your friends and family
And more on the way . . .